Inspiration from My Friends

I am working on my second book - Treasure at Fort Arbuckle. It is the first in what I hope is a long series centered around the Mason family from Civit, Oklahoma. The series involves historical fiction and Judeo-Christian values explored by a trio of children - Shawn, Amanda, and Cooper Mason. They live on a farm whose brand is the Triangle M. 

I've already included an excerpt in a previous blog post here and I plan to release a few more excerpts as the book comes together. Stay tuned for that!

Here are the three main character descriptions:

Shawn Mason - 13 years old. Very active, easily excitable, impulsive, and a real go-getter

Cooper Mason - 10 years old. Calm, analytical, somewhat lazy, but typically finds the best answers before rushing into trouble. 

Amanda Mason - 11 years old. Quiet, bookish, reluctant to join in the boys' adventures, but often the one who gets them out of a jam. 

I have based each of my characters loosely on children I know well. Those of you who are close to me, I'd love to hear who you think each character is based on. As an aside, we'll also have the policeman of Civit appear in the book. He's kinda goofy, likes to pull quarters from behind children's ears, and will be a source of some humor (all in good fun).