A few of the comments about my Grandma

I asked folks on Facebook to share stories or comments about my grandma and got quite a lot of input. She is the inspiration for the character “Gigi” in my Triangle M Ranch Series of books.

Part of my goal with this series is to teach children good character and morals. It seems our culture puts such little value on the wisdom of our elders. I thought using a great grandmother to dispense life lessons would be a good way to pay homage to all the wise gray-haired folks in my life.

While she may not be trendy or up-to-date, my grandmother embodies so many of the character traits I hope to teach through my stories. I hope you will give her a hug when you see her, take a few minutes to visit and listen, and help her to her car.

If you don’t know my grandmother, or live too far away to be a part of her life, find another elderly person whose day needs brightened. Listen to them and learn the things that truly matter!

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