Selling books is hard work!

I had no idea what I was stepping into a few months ago when I decided to charge into the world of wordsmiths. Writing is easy to me. I have written for many years and I find storytelling therapeutic.

However, actually selling stories is a whole ‘nother matter!

These comments from one of the aspiring authors Facebook pages I am a part of demonstrate the struggle authors face after publishing. Self publishing comes with its own set of challenges. One of those is that you spend more time marketing your book than actually writing!

However, those who attempt to publish through a major publisher often wait years as they search for an agent willing to take a chance with them. Then, they may wait more years before the agent can find a publisher who will actually publish the work.

After seeing the struggles so many other authors have endured to even sell 5 books with one or two reviews, I am humbled by the overwhelming support my first two books have received!

Three Men and a Barrel has sold over 50 copies and has four reviews (all 5 stars!). Treasure at Fort Arbuckle has sold over 20 copies in the first week and has five reviews (also all 5 stars). Several people have messaged me and are planning to purchase a book from me when I receive my author copies of Treasure at Fort Arbuckle.

This amazing result has not made me feel proud. It has actually been very humbling. Thanks to all of you who have been a part of this journey so far! My main goal is to author God-honoring books that my children and others like them can enjoy. I hope you enjoy the ride along with me!

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