It is Published!!!!

Treasure at Fort Arbuckle, my debut novel, is published! I am so grateful for the team who has helped launch this book!

I would like to take this time to thank those who joined the launch team and gave me valuable feedback.

Bruce Mayhan, Anna Nelson, Anne Ryan, Naomi Brown, Kristi Brown, Kristi Hunt, and Cindy Valenzuela.

These people gave of their time to read my manuscript and gave me their opinions. If this book is a good one, it is at least due in part to the input from these fine people.

I also want to thank Ms. Beverly Robinson. She has been a long time friend and coworker and I appreciate the friendship we have. She lent her years of editorial expertise in the newspaper industry to edit my novel for me. I have confidence that no one could have done better.

My wife and children have been very supportive of my authoring endeavors. They already share me with the people of Pauls Valley Trinity Free Holiness Church and team at Better Barns. I am grateful that they have such a good attitude about me taking on more jobs!

Thanks to all of you who support my work! Share this post, share the book, leave a review, tell your friends.

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