Why Write Children’s Novels?

Great question! I am so glad you asked! There are a few reasons I would like to cover in this post.

  1. I have two children, currently ages 8 and 12. They both love to read.
  2. I have taught at our church’s school since 2005. I have a passion for teaching children through interesting stories.
  3. So many of our society’s current book offerings are in direct conflict with my Christian beliefs.
  4. I love to tell stories. I am perhaps one of the most boring speakers to ever speak, but like to think my writing is at least tolerable.

First, my two children are constantly asking me to tell them a story. I believe that they learn more when information is presented in story form. The best teacher in history, Jesus Christ, used parables to teach important lessons. I really hope that my books are enjoyed by my own two children – and someday their children as well.

Second, the students at PVHA had inspired me to constantly strive for excellence. I am passionate about training the next generation. It is much better to build children than to repair men! I hope that my books share principles that help my students grow into the people they should be.

Third, I know there are good books available, but it seems that so much of our current culture is focused on ideas that stand in direct contradiction with Biblical morality. Truth is not relative. The world is attempting to build on the shifting sand of man’s morality, and it will all crumble. I hope that the next generation can find books like mine that build upon the Rock.

Last, I enjoy telling stories! I have wanted to write a book for many years. I talked about it as a young man. I have always been “too busy”. I teach school four days per week and usually work 15-20 hours per week at Better Barns along with my duties as a husband and father. However, I took a look at my life and decided it was likely never going to be easy to find time to write a book. Now, my first book is published and my second will be soon. I thoroughly enjoyed writing them both!

Thanks for sharing part of my day!

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