How to Self Publish on Amazon

There are tons of folks who would love to teach you how to self publish your book on Amazon. Many of them have written their own book, seemingly for the sole purpose of being able to then sell a course on publishing on Amazon.

It is actually quite simple. You write your book. Then, you upload it to KDP. Then, you design a cover. Once everything passes inspection, voila! Now, you are a published author!

Obviously, it is a little more difficult than that to successfully sell a book on Amazon. That’s why these folks sell courses on how to self-publish. It’s easier to sell courses than books…LOL.

Before you course-sellers get all offended, this is simply a funny reaction I’ve had to my own recent book publishing experience. Its actually not as easy as I thought to get a book noticed in the huge Amazon market. Thanks to all of you who have purchased my book!

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